Award Recipients

2014 TSSAA Next Step Bursary

Congratulations to Boaz Wong, our 2014 TSSAA Next Step Bursary Recipient.

BoazWongMay 30, 2014

Dear Thornhill Secondary School Alumni Association,

Firstly, I would like to say that I am extremely honoured to receive the 2014 TSSAA Next Step Bursary. I am thankful to have been able to contribute to Thornhill over my past 4 years and to play a vital role in celebrating the school’s 60th anniversary.

Without question, Thornhill Secondary is blessed to receive support from its very own TSS Alumni Association, a privilege that many other high schools do not have. This just goes to show that Thornhill is not only a school that students enter and leave, but stay and cherish the memories that are created over the years. Thornhill graduates are known to not only be talented, and hardworking, but dedicated to their school. It is evident by this dedication that the Thornhill Secondary Alumni, my fellow graduates and myself have thoroughly enjoyed our years at TSS. It is my hope that all the current and future students of Thornhill will have similar experiences.

This coming September, I will be packing my bags for Western University for a Bachelor of Medical Sciences. With a life goal of becoming a pediatrician in mind, I hope to one day be travel to the less fortunate countries with the hope of curing and preventing illnesses among children and bringing relief to worried parents. This bursary enables me to focus on attaining this goal as opposed to worrying about financial matters. I would not be in this position if it were not for Thornhill Secondary School and the generosity of the TSS Alumni Association.

My love for Thornhill has fueled my extensive dedication to Thornhill extra-curricular activities and contribution to the Thornhill community. Participation has taught me many life skills that will prove useful moving into a new environment. I hope to carry this same passion into Western; however, my greater passion for Thornhill will always remain with me and I hope to return to contribute back alongside the Alumni Association in the future.

Thank you once again TSSAA,

Boaz Wong

2013 TSSAA Next Step Bursary

Congratulations to River Wong, the recipient of the 2013 TSSAA Next Bursary. River was also the recipient of the 2012 Charlie Seath Award. We wish River the best of luck at the University of Waterloo.

PhotoRiverWebsiteJune 26, 2013

Dear Thornhill Secondary School Alumni Association,

I am writing to give my heart-felt thanks to Thornhill Secondary School Alumni Association for the generous Next Step Bursary. It is a distinguished honour to have received the scholarship and have a chance to meet with and talk to some of the TSS alumni at the 9th Annual Half Century Club Luncheon on May 10th, 2013.

Starting this September, I will be studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I will continue to make Thornhill Secondary School and my community proud by striving towards success. With the money from the Next Step Bursary, I am one step closer to pursuing my career goal and accomplishing my dreams.

Through 1500 hours of volunteering at TSS and my community, in addition to helping others, I have met many people and learned a lot about the world and myself. I would not be who I am now without all these different life experiences. Thank you to TSS for providing the tremendous opportunities for me to explore my interests, build my strengths and discover who I am. In the years to come, I will continue to explore and seek opportunities to give back to the community, to meet new friends and to expand my horizons.

Again, thank you for generous donations and the priceless support from the Thornhill Secondary School alumni and the Alumni Association which have made this Bursary possible.

River Wong


2012 TSSAA Next Step Bursary

The TSSAA would like to congratulate Annie Xie, the recipient of the 2012 Next Step Bursary. We wish Annie the best of luck as she pursues her education at McGill University.

June 30, 2012

Dear Thornhill Secondary School Alumni Association,

I am very honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Next Steps Bursary. I would like to thank the TSS Alumni Association for its support and generosity.

This fall, I will begin my studies at McGill University. I hope to double major in political science and economics, and pursue a career in public policy. TSS has provided me with so many opportunities to explore my interests over the past four years, in the classroom and through extra-curriculars. While I am sad to leave TSS, I am also excited to continue growing and exploring at McGill.

I am so thankful for this bursary, as it will lighten my financial burden. As someone pursuing a career in public policy, relevant work experience does not always pay a lot. This bursary helps make it possible for me to pursue my dreams.

I feel incredibly fortunate not only for the monetary value of the bursary but also the support of the Alumni Association. Speaking to my interviewers, I can tell how much they care! Current students benefit so much from an involved and dedicated Alumni Association. I am so proud to be not just a high school graduate but an alumna of Thornhill Secondary School.

Thank you,

Annie Xie

2011 TSSAA Next Step Bursary

Congratulations to Sharon Mizbani, recipient of the 2011 TSSAA Next Step Bursary.

June 29th, 2011

Dear Thornhill Secondary School Alumni Association,

I am writing to give thanks for the generous TSS Alumni Association “Next Step” Bursary. Being the recipient of the scholarship has been a distinguished honour I have been granted and I am very grateful for the award and TSSAA.

Next year I will be entering University of Toronto as an Arts and Science student at the St. George campus. I will be pursuing a double major in the programs of International Relations as well as Near and Middle Eastern Civilization. For now I have established a four year plan; however the future of my career holds endless possibilities at this point where the sky is the limit. Thanks to the Alumni Association, I am one step closer to pursuing my education and achieving my dreams.

The lightening of my financial burden and the generosity of TSSAA will permit me to keep my focus on university, learning, and being involved within my school and community. I will continue to make the school community proud by moving towards success while keeping my roots to my home of 11 years, Thornhill.

Thank you again,

Sharon Mizbani