About Us

The T.S.S.A.A. was formed in 2004 after the highly successful 50th Anniversary Reunion, as a way to keep former students in touch with each other and with Thornhill Secondary School.

Post Proelium Praemium… “After the Struggle, the Reward!”
More than 20,000 men and women have passed through our doors which were opened 50 years ago in 1954. Were you one of them? Whether you were here for a short time or are a lifelong learner, we invite you to be part of our Alumni Association. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you back to the TSS family.

The history of our school motto:
In early September 1954, a group of staff and students led by Mr. Lavender began the task of creating the foundations for a student council.
In ensuing meetings, the topic of a motto came up and it seemed appropriate that “Post Proleum Praemium” (After the Struggle ….The Reward) would be the motto of choice. All work was achieved when the staff and students were on shift and those involved had to make their own way in in the morning and then go to school in the afternoon, so it was indeed a strugle upon whoch there was a great reward.
The motto has been most appropriate because it applies to all facets of school life.

The goals of the TSSAA are to:
Transcend and build relationships among TSS alumni and with the school through social, academic and other events,
Support students for a career through job shadowing and mentorship programs,
Sustain a positive image of TSS graduates in the Thornhill Community,
Advance the educational, athletic and social achievements of TSS students, and
Award scholarships and grants to current students of TSS.